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NHFCU Celebrates 80th Anniversary - November 19, 2021

Friday, November 19, 2021

1941 – 2021 - NHFCU celebrates 80 years of service

In the fall of 1941, a group of state employees were working on their own to build a financial cooperative so they could rely on one another when times were tough. And, times were really tough 80 years ago. In those days, if you did not have the cash to buy an item - well, you could not buy it - food, heat, cars - you name it. If you struggled to make ends meet, it was TOUGH to find an affordable helping hand. 

On November 19, 1941, NHFCU was incorporated so that state employees could pool their money together and lend to one another. We have expanded and changed through the years, but, one thing that has not changed is the fact that there are people every day, everywhere, who NEED us to do what we do.  For example, we recently heard from a member who could not get a loan anywhere - but, she got one from us. Talk about a legacy of service and filling a need.

Members tell us every day how we’ve made a difference, from helping them drive down debt, to buying their first home. Our Centers for Finance & Education in Concord and Lee, and our lending department, work alongside one another to help those who are going through tough times, right now. And, every department at NHFCU plays a role in making that difference, either on the front lines or behind the scenes. No matter how much technology, change and growth we’ve been through, we’re still here for you, one member at a time.

Novebmer 19, 2021, we mark 80 years of people helping people at NHFCU and we celebrate all that it means to be a financial cooperative, where each member is an owner and each decision is made with the good of the member and the entire membership at the forefront. This IS how we do business. And, this is our unique commitment to our members.

NHFCU in 1941 – Our first member
Did you know, in our first year "in business", one of our incorporators had to make an additional deposit to his account, just so we would have enough money to provide a loan to another member? We had just $500 in assets at the close of our first year! Did you also know that in our lobby at Airport Rd, we still have the membership application of our first member? (Photo at right). His name was Lester Holt. History is important. We learn from it, we grow from it, and we become something better for it when we consider its lessons and move forward to serve. 

Think about that - and think about the personal commitment that first incorporator made to helping his co-worker and fellow member. Every single day since we were established, the good of the whole organization relies upon the commitment and support of each individual.

We have already saved our members more than $1 million in 2021 alone, through refinancing and consolidating debts to free up cash and make members' lives a little easier. That cumulative effect happened one person at a time...beginning with Lester Holt in 1941.

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